About the Company
Headquartered in the suburbs of Washington, DC, the Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women is grounded in the notion that the best leadership is diverse leadership. In an ever-shrinking and heterogeneous world, maximizing the potential of diverse talent is not an altruistic endeavor. Instead, it's a vital business necessity. At ELI, we help individuals and organizations deliver on the promise of Diversity and Inclusion. Through coaching, courses, training, and retreats specifically designed to meet the needs of women and people of color; and through the development of customized organizational strategies specifically designed to enhance recruitment, retention, and ascension efforts, ELI helps both individuals and organizations maximize their potential for success in the increasingly complex and interconnected world of today and tomorrow. Services Provided by ELI Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Consulting, and Training Keynotes, Panel Moderation and Participation Communications Strategy Strategic Planning & Execution Leadership Retreats Women's Empowerment Training Executive & Entrepreneurship Coaching Selected Clients

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