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Your brilliance is about more than you.  It’s about making an indelible mark on the world that only you can create.  Whatever is holding you back from being all that you were intended to be—in life, in love, in your chosen or aspirational career, don’t rest until you find a way to breakthrough.  Don’t leave this earth without stepping into your destiny.

Coaching The VIP Experience Enjoy a full day VIP Strategy Session with me. I’ll put you up in one of Washington, DC’s premier hotels. We’ll both enjoy some pampering and then get down to business. Together we’ll identify your greatest personal and professional ambitions and then reverse engineer a specific strategy to get you there. You’ll leave with a personalized 12-month game-plan, marked with goals and timetables meant to accelerate your career or business success while keeping you on track towards building the personal life of your dreams. 3, 6, and 9 Month Individualized Strategy Packages For those who would prefer an on-going, high-touch, custom coaching experience, I offer a limited number of 3, 6 and 9 month individualized strategy packages which include bi-monthly 60 minute over the phone coaching. Each interaction is recorded and then provided to you so that you can concentrate on our strategy and save the note-taking for later if you prefer. Additionally, each session is supplemented by personalized “homework” activities specifically designed to help you advance towards your stated personal and/or professional goals. Between scheduled calls, I offer unlimited electronic coaching via e-mail or text message as needed. Be sure to ask about how you can earn the added bonus of a VIP Experience, for free! Holistic Success Blueprint Invest in 90 minutes with Dr. Avis and receive an individually tailored strategy for how to reach your most pressing professional goal without sacrificing your personal life in the process. Want to discuss which option is best for you? Schedule a 20 Minute Complimentary 
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“I’d wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Avis’ coaching programs to any woman.  She has the tools needed to support your quantum leap.  One of the best investments I ever made in myself.”

--Chonya J.

Intersectional Intelligence™ You may know about Cultural Competence. You may even understand the power of Gender Intelligence. But have you considered how your company can maximize the unique assets that Women of Color bring? Learn how the keen insights of this specific demographic can give your organization the competitive edge in both today’s emerging markets and among tomorrow’s rising American majority. Understand how to develop effective recruitment and retention strategies that work for this specific demographic and gain insight on how to create an organizational culture that not only understands the value of diversity and inclusion, but leverages it to produce powerful results. Black Women Lead LIVE! This interactive half-day workshop builds on the success principals relayed in Dr. Avis' book, How Exceptional Black Women Lead! Participants will learn how to: Communicate with power without being perceived as an Angry Black Woman; Maximize their pay through proven salary negotiation and raise acquisition techniques, Attract and retain those mentors and sponsors that are critical to career success and so much more. The C-Suite Society™ Are you ready for that next promotion? If so, this group coaching experience is just what you need to shift your career into high gear. Here you’ll learn a wide range of critical skills essential for career ascension. From growing a network that works, to getting noticed and getting credit for all the hard work you do, to even getting a handle on negotiation strategies that maximize your bottom line, the C-Suite Society™ will get you prepared, positioned, and ready to propel forward to your next-level of success! Career Shift Network™ Have you fallen out of love with what you do? Would you like to change lanes all together and transition into something entirely new? If so, this group-coaching experience was developed just for you! By joining the Career Shift Network™ you’ll receive the guidance, support, information, and accountability necessary to safely and successfully transition into a new career you’ll love. Monetize My Passion Masterclass™ Do you have a passion you’d like to get out of your heart and into the world in a profitable way? If so, this 4-week on-line digital Masterclass will give you the critical information you need to get your business idea into the world safely, effectively, and of course, profitably! Each week, you’ll receive succinct video-training modules sharing proven techniques for business success. Each module is supplemented by a downloadable workbook in which you can apply the principles shared to your specific business idea. You’ll also have access to four weekly live Q & A Calls with Dr. Avis to answer any questions and receive direct feedback on how to most effectively turn your passion into profits! Launch My Profitable Business Mastermind™ Perhaps the most difficult and critical stage of the entrepreneurial journey occurs in the start-up phase. Those first few months can either provide a strong foundation for growth, or be a shaky beginning leading to an untimely end. This Mastermind Experience was specifically developed to guide you through the critical launch stage of your business. You’ll receive instruction directly from Dr. Avis as well as a wide range of expert faculty in order to ensure you’re equipped with the information you need to start your business off right! You’ll also get access to a supportive community of like-minded budding entrepreneurs, all seeking to turn their dreams into a thriving new and profitable reality. Altogether, you’ll get valuable information, accountability, and access to a broad network of experts and pace-setting peers, which together, provide the perfect environment for accelerated business success. The Group Coaching Experience Live Workshops

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